MOMS Club® of St. Clair, IL

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Membership FAQs!

* Who is able to join?

Any at-home mom who resides within St. Clair County lines is eligible to join.  If you are not in St. Clair County, please visit our international website: to look for another chapter closer to you. Please see our Chapter Boundaries sub-page underneath the FAQs tab for visual boundaries.

* What types of events do you have?

Since at-home mothers need the most support during the daytime hours of the week, the majority of our events are during those hours.  We meet for anything ranging from summer movies and coffee dates to simple, sometimes uniquely themed, play dates at members' homes or local parks.  We also sometimes venture into the greater St. Louis area to meet at places like the Science Center or Zoo. 

Anyone may host an event, though all events must be approved by our Chapter's Executive Board before being added to the calendar.  Children are always welcome at our events.  We will never tell you that you cannot bring your child with you.

* Can I attend an event before joining?

Yes! Though, for the safety of our members, we do not post the dates, times, or locations of our events.  If you'd like to know what's coming up, feel free to email us or contact us on this site.  Information on how to reach us is under the "Contact Us!" tab.

* How do I become a member?      

You need to do two things: Fill out our Membership form and pay dues.

The purpose of the membership form is to gain necessary information for our chapter's member roster and waive the chapter's liability, all while enabling us to learn more about you and your family. 

Our annual Membership Fee is $20 which helps cover the costs of maintaining our Chapter status with the International MOMS Club, our Meetup page fees, member bracelets, any guest speaker costs, administrative supplies and any other costs incurred at special events.  To ensure the safety and security of our current members,  we ask that these items be handed to a board member in person at the event you've chosen to attend. 


*Now what?

Once you've filled out the membership form and paid your dues, you will be accepted into our Meetup group and our private, Members-Only Facebook group. We utilize our Facebook group as a forum where you can ask other members any mothering questions, get opinions on doctors or schools in the area, or even make last minute plans. It's a great way for us to stay connected throughout the day. Remember - you are not alone!